School & Teachers

The School is Accredited by The British Council and is a Member of English UK. Locally the school is a member of The International Education Forum, and English UK South.


The Teaching Syllabus has been designed to give students maximum opportunity to practise their ‘spoken English’ whilst closely following guidelines, for levels, as set out by the CEFR.


As most of our Courses are ‘tailor made’ for European School Groups, we have been able to liaise with our overseas colleagues, to cover topics, discussions and areas of the English Language that complement lessons, already covered in their own schools and fit in with their Syllabus. .

Our teachers

Our teachers, who have all been interviewed personally by the Principal, Joan Rees, have been chosen for their academic and personal qualities, which we consider essential for working with our young students.


Teachers, use their expertise and experience to ensure the overall success of a student’s stay.