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Sample Programme 2021


Please return the completed Enrolment Form with 25% deposit of the course fees to:

Eagle International School
55 Elms Avenue Lilliput,
Dorset BHl48EE

(The deposit is a non-refundable part payment of fees NOT an additional charge)

* On acceptance of enrolment, the school will forward to you a Letter of Confirmation and an Invoice for the full course fees. The invoice must be paid, and the money received by our Bank not less than 3O days before the course is due to commence (or immediately in the case of a late booking) Any outstanding balance of fees must be paid in full to the school on the arrival day.

* Further information, including Certificate of Attendance, will be forwarded. Details of Host Family accommodation will be forwarded shortly before the course is due to commence.

* In arranging Host Family accommodation, EIS is acting as payment agent to the families on behalf of the participant.

* If you need to cancel, please let us know immediately and no later than 3O days before the Course is due to commence. We will then be able to refund your fees in full, except for the non-refundable deposit.

In case of cancellation
4 weeks prior to arrival £lOO.
2-3 weeks 5O%
1 week prior to arrival 7O%

**Less than 6 days prior to arrival there will be no fee refund.

* NOTE Fees cannot be refunded for a student who misses part of the course or has to leave before the end of the course for any reason.

* EIS aims to provide a high level of service. Any complaints should be reported immediately to the Principal or Secretariat who will try to resolve the problem at the time. EIS cannot accept responsibility for complaints not reported during the course.

* EIS does not accept liability for personal injury of any participant, howsoever caused. We do not accept liability for the loss or damage of any property belonging to the participant. We do not accept responsibility for losses or additional expenses incurred due to delays or changes in travel services, sickness, weather, strike, riots, quarantine or any other causes. The school cannot accept responsibility for any accident occurring during the course, on excursion or during group activities.