Our exciting, practical English Courses are intended to stimulate interest and develop fluency in English, through a wide range of classroom activities.  Confidence and understanding develop through lessons which have been planned to encourage ‘Spoken English’.

Through role play, drama, literature, guided dialogues, texts and exercises, students are encouraged to speak English, in well structured, practical situations.  Speaking skills are developed, new vocabulary learnt and pronunciation and intonation improved.

Language in context

The Summer Course Programme is designed to provide a balance between Language Classes, Sports activities and Excursions.
Students have the opportunity to learn the English Language in its own cultural setting. 

Whether at home with the host family or visiting cultural and historic venues, students will be constantly reinforcing the English learnt in class.

Course Certificates and Progress Reports

At the end of each Course our students are given a full Progress Report. Prizes are awarded to students who have made progress and achieved the highest standard of work.


To develop confidence and enhance their ‘ speaking skills ‘ students will have been working towards oral presentations, which are highlighted on the last school morning – these will take the form of Drama productions, Topic presentations, Literary presentations and Debates. .