Accommodation is arranged for our students in local families. The School Principal or our Accommodation Officer personally visits and inspects all accommodation offered to our students.


Safeguarding Checks, in line with current legislation, have been made before students are placed in host family accommodation.


Eagle International is in the enviable position of being located in the middle of a residential area so that many of our host families are within walking distance of the school. Students living outside of this area are transferred daily to school and taken home again in the evenings, by private coach.


Many host families have worked with our school for ten or more years. Our aim is to provide good homely and friendly accommodation, where our students are made welcome and can experience English family life.


Our host families are friendly and caring and make our young students welcome. Communicating in English is the most important part of the programme. Students will benefit by having to speak English in the host families all the time.


Breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner will be provided. The courses are designed to provide a balance between language classes, sports activities and cultural visits.


Students have the opportunity to learn the English language in its own cultural setting.


Whether at home with the host family or visiting the town and shopping with friends, they will be constantly reinforcing the English learnt in class. The School arranges accommodation as a service and makes no profit from this.

Medical & Dental Treatment

Medical Treatment is normally given free to students from member countries of the EU providing they supply the necessary health forms. Otherwise GP's make a small charge for a consultation. We advise students to take out Insurance against Accident or Loss before leaving home and to check reciprocal health arrangements, which may exist between their country, the UK and arrange Medical Insurance accordingly. Non - EU Students are advised to arrange a Medical Insurance before leaving home Dental Treatment is chargeable so it is advisable to have a check-up at home.